I believe each morning should start with a strong cup of coffee * I believe a good, rainy day + a nap can cure most things * I believe that the $1 spot at Target might just be the greatest retail innovation of our time * I believe that all we need to know about life exists inside moments of pure joy * I believe in chivalrous deeds, like holding open doors + pulling out chairs * I believe in documenting our days as they happen - be they straightened up + tidy, or messy + dusty + grape juice stained * I believe that even on your WORST day, you are the BEST mother your kids have + will ever know, and that alone is worth celebrating.

Every time you see your images, you'll remember it all - the sweet sound of their laughter, the feel of their tiny hand wrapped up tight inside yours, the way their hair smells after spending the day in the sun, the way they look back at you + smile as they climb onto the school bus, and how you wouldn't trade a single sleepless night or 1,000 dirty diapers for anything else in. this. world.  

My approach to photography changed when I became a mother. I adore what those little hands do to my very soul, and I feel what a single hug from your child does to your heart - it swells to a size I didn't know existed. It's in those in between moments I'm always searching for that tell your story best - telling your story from the perspective of a mother is my "why."