I'm Lindsay, and I'm the heart and soul of Love + Light Photography. I'm a Mid-Atlantic documentary-style  photographer collecting stories that are genuine, heartfelt + pure. It's been the greatest gift to meet folks from all walks of life, who really just want to preserve their story, one chapter at a time.

... so before we get started, first thing's first ... 

Every photographer can tell you when + why they started, all about their style, what drives them to pick up their camera, who they look up to, etc ... but I don't think that's why you're here. It's really not about me - it's about you. You stopped by because you saw something you liked - an image caught your eye, you clicked the link, and here you are! Let me tell you a little about me, and why you should stick around + browse a while!

My photography changed when I became a mother. I saw everything differently - light, composition, color; everything that I thought I knew about "taking a picture" has been challenged in the best way. I decided that I wanted to shoot from a perspective I never had before - as a mother ... so far it has served me REALLY well. The images I've taken have quickly become some of my very best work to date!

Telling your story from that perspective is my "why" ... if  that sounds like what you are looking for, stick around! 
I can't wait to hear all about you + yours and how I can serve you best! ( but first, click the link below! )

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