March 17, 2017

the dog park.

We have been w a i t i n g for the first nice day to take our Husky-Boxer, Arya, to our local dog park. They’ve had the gates locked since “snowtopia” (or whatever they coined the blizzard of 2016) and puppy-girl has been getting restless…as have her fur-mommy and fur-daddy!

Her BFF Lucy, and fellow Boxer, was headed up to the dog park, so we decided that a 60+ degree day was too good to miss.

***We were previously warned by Lucy’s fur-daddy, Danny, that it was a MUD PIT, and to dress accordingly…glad we did!***

I decided to bring my camera – risky in a muddy area, I know, but I had to document the “mud pit” in all it’s glory for posterity (you know, so we can show that yes – our BEAUTIFUL sweet-angel-baby-girl (that’s what her daddy calls her 🙂 can get dirty). 

…dirty is an understatement… 

Presenting…Lucy and Arya’s day at the dog park 🙂

Arya is content just to sniff. She’s too pretty for tug-o-war 🙂
Dog Park Warden
Lucy for the win!
…Donnie Darko?!
So much mud.
Lucy, is it time to go home?!
…aaaaand we’re done.
sleepy, muddy girl 🙂
she really does have white fur!
clean paws!
clean puppy!
…thanking God for warm days and muddy boots 🙂

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