March 17, 2017


Every New Years Eve, for as long as I can remember, my step mom has dealt out and pulled angel cards for each family member, and displayed them in some way (either on a hanging tag, or a book mark; even magnets!) to be gifted to us all as a couple words for us to focus on in the coming year. This past NYE, I pulled cards for Shawn + I.


Did you see that? We both got the same word…and I even shuffled them really good to avoid duplicates!!

At the beginning of the year, I sat and pondered what on earth these could mean, and where would we apply them, or when would they reveal themselves….Angel cards are an amazing tool to help guide thinking, mediation, or really, if you need the answer to a question, it’s a way that the universe can suggest a direction for you to go. I am Catholic, and I realize that this may seem blasphemous as prayer is typically the way to go, and I do pray! However, this is meant to be harmless and fun 🙂

Around my birthday, I was watching a good ole’ 80’s movie that always get the *feels* going…She’s Having a Baby (if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it! It’s usually on Amazon Prime, Hulu or Netflix.) Well, if you have seen it, you know that towards the end, Kevin Bacon has having a pretty epic montage moment with Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work” filling in the background….OH MY WORD!!! So good. I had already decided that I was going to check to see if we were preggo on my actual birthday (I had a feeling…), but this darn movie was stirring up all the mommy-feels, and I just had to check – three days early. As I stood in my bathroom, waiting for a little blue plus sign, I realized not only was I an impatient person, but I had done this WITHOUT my husband. I was immediately worried that he would be upset that I did the test without him, but then realized that we had never had the conversation “together or not at all.” As soon as that little blue plus sign showed up on the screen bright as all get out, none of it mattered. WE WERE PREGNANT! I couldn’t believe it! I jumped around in the tiny upstairs bathroom, laughing-crying, and the poor puppy didn’t know what to do with herself either, so she joined me in jumping around. A little while later, Shawn came home, I showed him the test and proclaimed, “hey guess what…we’re gonna have a baby!” (His initial reaction was nothing short of underwhelming, but I think that was more shock and that it hadn’t really sunk in yet. Later, he was just as excited as I was – no jumping around in a bathroom, but really happy!)

That night, while trying to fall asleep I started thinking about the next 9 months – all the things we would need, the doctor’s appointments, naming this child (no pressure!), and many more things that were making sleep really difficult…then it hit me… as I went to turn off the lamp next to the bed, I saw the angel card hanging tag (where I had hung mine 5 months before). PURPOSE was staring me in the face!

THAT WAS IT! The reason we both had pulled PURPOSE was because this would be the year that our purpose would be realized. We were meant to be parents. A mother and a father. A mommy and a daddy. One day, maybe grandparents, but for right now, we were pregnant!

Now, 6 months in, I am more excited every day that passes to meet the little one (Shawn calls it “the bean” 🙂 and see where life takes him/her. We will always be rediscovering our purpose as parents, but I just thought it was amazing that for the first time, the angel cards pulled on a random New Years Eve were SPOT.ON. Next new years, we’ll have to pull some for the bean…he’ll/she’ll only be 11 months old, but like I said, it’s meant to be fun – can’t wait to see what the Universe has in store!

xo, Linds

PS: I think it’s a girl 🙂

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