March 17, 2017

Mommy + Me

One of the sweetest things on this earth is witnessing a mothers love for their child. I’ve heard it’s a love like no other, that it’s an instant love unlike any you’ve ever felt before, and it’s a love that is all it’s own. I am beyond excited to be a mom…coming this January, I will become one! Some say I became a mother the moment that little bean was conceived (I think so to), but it’ll be so real as soon as I hear our baby cry.


I am so beyond excited to meet this little person, the best part of Shawn + I wrapped up in a brand new life, waiting to conquer the world. We aren’t finding out the gender until delivery; it’s slowly killing my soul 🙂 but really, it’s making the anticipation even greater!!

A photographer I admire and have learned SO much from just posted their gender reveal video, and I was a *flood* of tears, not only because they are having a little girl, but because I know K + M will make incredible parents….this video of course prompted me to say “Honey, we should find out! Look how sweet this is!! They’re so excited! Look at her look at him! AHH!! I can’t!!” to which he responded, “nope – you’ll be happy we waited.” (I think he secretly wants to know, too – he claims that he knows already…..ok, honey:) Sure…you know:)

This shoot was a “mommy + me” that I did for a girlfriend I work with (hers was also the first wedding I shot!!) It was the end of summer, so it was a little warm, but that made the golden light that much better (and the post shoot sno-cones taste that much colder)! In their beautiful dresses, then matching “mama bear” + “little cub” t-shirts, they are one of the many reasons I pray this little bean is a girl! (OF COURSE, I will love whatever the good Lord blesses us with, boy or girl, but come on…once you see these images, you’ll be ‘team girl’ too!!!)

Lauren + Kira, thank you for choosing me to capture your amazing bond, and for being the sweetest mommy/daughter duo I’ve had the pleasure to work with!


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