March 17, 2017

Allie + Shea ( + Dexter) / Engagement, Columbia, MD

So far, a lot of my clients so far have been people nearest and dearest to me. I really love that. It allows me to practice and refine my craft with people that really don’t make me  t h a t  nervous, aren’t judging me, and I get to take really great images of people I love during really exciting times in their lives. I’ve done some engagement sessions, a bunch cutie-pie newborns + babies, a couple weddings, a lot of families, all of people I adore. It’s such a huge compliment to have the people in your life seek you out to capture their stories as they unfold.

Allie and I used to be lifeguards together, and we were definitely cut from the same “lifeguard” cloth! Excited, organized, reaaaally into training and attending lifeguard competitions (yes…that’s a thing…a GREAT THING!), and overall really proud of the job we held. Our pool offices were pristine, our uniforms were clean, and our Fox 40 whistles were loud – we were a force to be reckoned with!  Allie was always smiling, always ready to take on the day, whether raining or blistering hot…a lifeguard through and through.

Allie was never really into the whole dating scene our lifeguarding job had to offer – it was like 90210- everyone dated each other. So when she met Shea, we all knew that this was a guy who must’ve been worth it – Allie doesn’t make decisions of the heart lightly! Their relationship was very quiet in the beginning, meaning that we knew very little about what was “Shea + Allie.” Knowing Allie, she had most likely introduced him to all things Harry Potter 🙂 It became evident when some time later they decided to adopt a Pekingese, and Allie wanted to name him Albus…kaibashed…he was named Dexter. It suits the little guy 🙂

Their relationship progressed and all the while we waited patiently for the text/phone call/facebook post announcing their engagement. If there was any doubt that Shea didn’t understand her love for all things HP, he sure proved it with what will go down in history as one of the greatest proposals of all time. Not only had he done the gentlemanly gesture of asking her father (+ mother) for her hand in marriage, but he also made sure to present Allie with a ring that would make any gal weak in the knees! While walking through Harry Potter world (with Allie’s parents who seemed more nervous and anxious than he was!), on the bridge, in Harry Potter World (did I mention that’s where this amazing proposal took place?!) he got on one knee and asked Allie to marry him!!


Yes for two reasons…one, she was being proposed to in Harry Potter world….H A R R Y  P O T T E R  W O R L D. And two, more importantly, because Shea is her “person.” He is loyal, loving, dedicated to family, hard working, and above all, perfect for our Allie.

Allie + Shea: I am so honored to have been asked to help you tell your love story (with a little help from Dexter:), and I can’t wait until your November wedding!! 
that light, though!
doooohhhhhhh, Dexter!!!


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